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  1. love the picture you chose, brings anyone to the poster with the red text emphasizing the picture. The only thing is to maybe line up the number of the dates because everything on this poster suggest straight edges from the buildings to the other text in the poster.

  2. Great composition. I like how there are red accents and how the white ties in with the thinness of the white in the picture. It gets a little hard to read the months, probably due to the light in the background against the bright red. I’d bring down “Lecture Series…” to open up that corner a little.

  3. beautiful beautiful beautiful. i wish it was mine. normally i think black and red is just cliche but it works so well in this poster. Also the font used for the months reminds me of rain and its not over powering next to the names. everything is awesome here and im inspired

  4. Love the background image. However, I’m not sure of the font you used for the months, it reminds me a little of halloween. Overall great poster!

  5. Red, Black and White…great use of colors, the most classic and powerful combination that attracts viewers immediately! I really like the font that you use for the months actually, but it doesn’t hurt to make them bolder or heavier just so that it’s easier to read. 🙂

  6. Excellent composition. Simple and powerful. Good choice of collors. I believe the choice of font for moths stands out better in the printed version.

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