Acoronel assig.3

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  1. I love the layout, and I think the grid works really well. Maybe increase the spacing between the pictures so it’s not all lumped together. I like how the red E is shared, but I don’t think it works as well for “series” as it does for “architecture” and “lecture”.

  2. i like your composition, i like how your emphasizing the ARCHITECTURE , but i dont think the shared E works maybe if instead of sharing it with the first “e” in series share it with the second “E”

  3. Nice, I like the way you arrange the title of the poster, the pictures in the grid system are really interesting. The colors of the text are good, but the size of the text in the bottom is small and it is a little hard to read. Great job.

  4. Great layout. I greatly enjoy the picture grid that you have and i think it takes up the perfect amount of space. You also used the perfect amount of red text to make it pop, but not be everywhere. Not that it needs to be done, but you can try rotating the title text in different directions, just to see if you can use some of that open space around it. Just an idea, but wonderful poster.

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