Assignment 1: Ian Lai

Effect no.1 used: Monochromatic Channel mixer

Effect no.1 on photo: isolated the distractions of color on the image --> Focus on architectural space, form and structure.

Effect no. 2 used: Levels Layer tweaked such that black and white sliders were on far ends with grey slightly towards the black

Effect no. 2 on photo: Having bipolar level sliders meant greater contrast. The  grey sliders acting as "shade mediums" made sure the polarity in color was not too contrasting such that there was no form in the building space.

Effect no. 3 used: Curves Layer with an arch instead of a traditional S graph meant the objects in the middle of the photo were emphasized and in combination with Effect no. 2, provided a large kick to the central vanishing point of the photo. The center was almost absolutely bright, as opposed to the darker defining facets and sheets of glass and stone.

Effect no.3 on photo: The "pop" added to effect no. 2 by no. 3 isolated all the minor details to the surrounding of the building interior such that the user would focus even more on the general central focal point of the photo.

Effect no. 4 used: Overlay mode layer of dodge used to link some white areas on the photo together so it would look complete with the central body of white, and dodge used lightly to smooth outer edges that merged into the white center.

Effect no. 4 on photo: For such a rectangular and uniform interior space, the viewer needed a harmonious experience looking into the bright window. The dodge was used as a "fade in" tool so the viewer can be slowly brought to the center of the photo, from black, through shades of grey, to the vibrant bright outdoor view.

By ianlaichinese1993

I love architecture

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  1. Hello Ian!

    I love the fact that you chose to make this image black and white. Stripping the colors out of the photos allows the light source at the center of the photo to contrast with the structural elements. I also like the stairway as it acts as an element to draw the eye to the center of the image.

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