Assignment 1, Lissette Alaniz

For my assignment I wanted to make my image brighter than the original one.  Therefore, I used a few edit tools on photoshop to make the image brighter, I used the levels layer, the curve layer and the pop layer to make the whole image glow.  After adjusting the colors of the image, I was content with the way that the image looked.  Lastly, I wanted to make the Golden Gate Bridge pop more because I felt that it was blending in with the background.  So I used the dodge and burn tool to make the Golden Gate Bridge a brighter red.  Once  I edited the bridge, I felt that my image was complete.

Comments (2)

  1. I think you did a good job with the image and think it was a good idea to use the dodge and burn tool for the bridge. It looks as if the two pictures are different days. It looks as though the original picture was taken at a cloudy time and the after picture is during a sunny time. i wonder if you’d be able to make the image pop without changing the “time of day”if that makes sense.

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