Assignment 1 – Oretola Thomas

From the original color picture, (below) I balanced the levels and adjusted the curves. I had a tough time time deciding after the adjustments if I wanted to keep the picture in color or make it black and white like I had planned to from the beginning. Ultimately I made the decision to make the final in black and white. I had to adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture a little more because the lower portion of the picture was too dark and getting lost.



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  1. Tola, I believe that making the image black and white was a good decision. There is not a large range of colors in the image and changing to black and white shifts the focus to different tones of black in the image. The gradient draws the eyes to the bottom of the building and then to the top. I also like how the staircase breaks up the monotony of the rectilinear windows.

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