Assignment 101 – Chak Ying Wong

I took this photo outside of the Sunvalley Mall. I found the design of the housetop was very interesting and there was a wonderful weather on that day so I took it from a special angle. For the final image, I corrected it with 35% capacity of “screen” to make the whole photo be brighter at first. Then, I used “level” to tuned up the color of the architecture and the sky so it became more vivid. Finally, I used the S “curve” to adjust the contrast of different two part of the housetop which had different intensity distribution. Therefore, the left part of it would be more dark and the right part of it would be brighter. It emphasized the original images they should appear with different degree of light.

Comments (3)

  1. The photo is extremely simple but striking. The sharp contrast between the two faces of the corner, as well as the circular cut outs of the corner are both elements that add interest and prevent the photo from being too boring, while the deep blue of the sky provides a very nice backdrop.

  2. I love the angle of your photo, it’s really creative and beautiful. Moreover, the object is in the right placed , the pattern which is create by the sky and the with building is awesome.

  3. I like the deepening of color. Seems the texture could be brought out even a little more. Might work better with the middle line a third of the way over in the picture. I like the contrast between the straight lines and the circular cut outs. I wonder if the shadow was bigger on the left if that would add more variation and interest?

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