Assignment 101 – Yan Yung Li

I feel like the color of the origin photo is very balanced, and there isn’t a strong focal point to me. Therefore, I adjusted the curves and changed the blending mode to luminosity to increase the color contrast between the waterfall and the rock. And then, I adjusted the levels to show even more stronger on the contrast since level adjustment could pull out more of the black and white. Then, I used channel mixer to bring out more green from the moss which is located mostly on the left hand side of the photo. Lastly, I used dodge and burn to sharpen the whole photo out a bit, so that it won’t be too dull. After the enhancements that I made, I feel like the photo is more alive and textural.

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  1. I can see there are several changes on the picture. There is different balance between original and fixed picture. And also green color was more noticeable.

  2. the details behind the falls were clear by the use of Photoshop. The editing of this photo enhanced the photo by giving depth to it. The contrast of the colors were really nice and the colors popped out nicely.

  3. I think you did a great job on toning the color of the waterfall, it makes it the center focus of the photograph. I also like how you added more saturation to the grass beside the waterfall which makes a great contrast to the image.

  4. Sharpening the water adds motion and really enhances the beauty of the water and by contrasting the water and rock takes away the over exposure lighting. Good work

  5. Great idea on using the channel mixer to bring out the green in the moss. I was not sure about the right side of the picture. It seemed a little too dark and I was more interested in the detail and texture.

  6. I agree with you that the photo is more alive after editing it. The image looks sharp and brighter, you can actually see the small details.

  7. Your photo inspire me. I think you did well to emphasize the water fall. It looks nice and cool. Since you blend mode to luminosity, it became more clear. You controlled the black and white which results in attractive photo.

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