Assignment 2 – Ian Lai

Title: Composition

Design processes:

1. Extract skeleton from image and hand from the taken picture of my arm

2. Overlay and re-size each layer and stack on top each other in a logical order from skin to burn to bone (involves transform tool)

3. Masking of the hand .png into three layers, one of the original with level alterations, second with a hardened image for the burn effect, third of a stretched arm to be "spattered" later for disintegration effect

4. Erase all distracting "tails" on the image from incomplete extraction

5. Alter background for lighting mood

6. Add shadows from duplicating necessary opaque objects, fill with grey  and place under all layers except for background

7. Start burning and "spattering" each layer and mask except for the burn effect

8. Integrate with disintegration (make each layer in uniform lighting mood (e.g. apply levels to only necessary objects or masks)

9. Final touches (e.g. lighting of layers, levels for depth, round off edges of shadow and original layer mask)

By ianlaichinese1993

I love architecture

Comments (4)

  1. I think this is done really well because of the blending techniques. I like how the hand looks as if it is disappearing instead of just meshing the two together, it gives it more of a story.

  2. This is an amazing use of blending images. Everything is blended so well and the shadow makes it so convincing. There are so many intricate lines and patterns that add to the complexity of the image. The only thing that stands out negatively is the small lining around the fingers.

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