Assignment 2 Tony Avila “Watts And Wits about me”

For my project I chose to try something a bit artistic. I spliced together a photo from a hiking trip, a model  (Verena Kosheen) and a light bulb to create the composition. I then changed the light levels, hues and saturation and a few other layers in order to unify the coloring of the various images. I then used paths to cut the images out and layer them. Finally I added one last color layer to tie the whole thing together and burned parts of the woman to create deeper shadows on her torso and legs. Last but certainly not least, I created a duplicate layer that was significantly lighter and blurred/ erased bits of the darker layer in order to create a glowing effect.

Comments (2)

  1. Wow, this picture looks so surreal! It almost seems it can be from the Chronicles of Narnia! The greenish-blues of the image, the light bulb-headed creature, and the forest gives off such an eerie feel.

  2. I really like this photo, all three elements just seem to work together. Reminds me of something that one might see for an advertisement.

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