1 grungesan

The curves layer was applied to the original image, along with the adjustment of the hue/saturation, color balance, photo filter, invert, and dodge and burn tool to make the image the way I wanted it to be, and finally, the grunge texture paper with the opacity of 31% was placed at the top of the edited image.

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  1. Really nice effects to give the effect of making this an aged photo. Aside from the models of cars, I would definitely fall for this being a photo from the 80s! Beautiful diagonal on the horizontally on the horizon and also heading from the left side down and into the center with the line of houses on the left.

  2. I’m from the City, and this picture reminds me of one that was taken in the late ’70s! Nice “old school” effect

  3. I like the retro image, gives it a different character. But I feel like because of that effect the image is starting to look flat.

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