Project 1: Day 1:

Day 1: Site context research

  • Lecture: “Course Introduction”
  • Classwork: [Due @ 5:20pm]
    • 5 plates: (one for each site) [please include the list below for each site]
      • Climate conditions and how the building responds (what techniques as the architect used)
      • Diagrams of how site influences design (this can include sun, wind, light, heat/cold, views, etc.)
      • Floor plans & major sections (you can find these online)
      • Note: You can make more than 5 plates if you wish.
    • Interview & Partner Selection:
      • Select a partner then sign up for an interview time. Bring your portfolio of work to the interview.
    • Group Selection (at the end of class today):
      • Form groups to work on project 1 base materials. Each group must have a “C” or a “D” and an “M”
      • Once you have your group, you will need to tell me and I will assign you a case study house.
  • Homework: [Due at beginning of next class]
    • 2 plates:
      • Each diagraming a different but “good” reading environment. Make sure to include notes about lighting conditions, temperature, time of day, views, etc. These two plates will be due at the start of next class.
    • Visit an art supply store to purchase model making materials. You should coordinate supplies for the model building group activity starting next class.

Download Plate for P1:D1.

Case Study Houses:

Optional Houses:

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