Project 1: Day 4:

Day 4: Design development

  • Lecture: “Sun & Shadows”
  • Classwork: [Due @ 5:30pm]
    • 5 plates: [one for each of the following items]
      • Refined section of reading room space (axis 1)
      • Refined section of reading room space (axis 2)
      • Site plan study with justification of why you’re building where you’re building.
      • Sun & Shadow study of interior or exterior
      • Diagram of window/door choices & locations
  • Small group design development feedback.
    • I will meet with each of you in small groups (your partner must be present) to give design development feedback.
  • Homework: [Due at beginning of next class]
    • 9 plates:
      • Refined site plan study with justification
      • Refined Sun & Shadow study (see above)
      • Sun & Shadow study of opposite (if you picked interior before, do an exterior)
      • Side elevation of building
      • Second side elevation of building
      • Rear elevation of building
      • Perspective 1 of building
      • Perspective 2 of building
      • Sectional perspective or exploded axonometric showing at least 1 reading space.


Download .pdf of Project 1: Day 4:

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