Project 1: Overview:

Reading Room Program: 

The reading room is a retreat and academic study center for a middle aged married couple. The assumption is the same couple owns your case study house and this smaller, detached reading room is a private space for them to pursue their academic interests.

Specific requirements are listed below

  • Maximum 300 square feet
  • Small kitchenette
  • Small bathroom
  • 120 linear feet of bookshelves
  • Small desk & writing space for laptop
  • You should include explorations of the following in your design
  • Siting of the building including distance from main building and how to get there (path, landscape, etc.)
  • Special requirements dictated by site conditions including lighting challenges and heating/cooling challenges.
  • Provide exceptional reading spaces for each person through thorough design development.

 Final Presentation Requirements:

  • Physical Models
    • 1/4” = 1’ Model of design proposal, must include some site for context.
    • 1/8” = 1’ (or 1/16”=1’ on approval) site context model. This should connect with your group model to give greater site context.
  • Drawings (1 sheet, 24” x 36”) - Must include:
    • Floor plan
    • 4 elevations
    • 2 major sections (1 must include part of the site)
    • 2 perspective drawings/computer models at eye level
    • Drawings should be well laid out and graphically pleasing.
    • There should be minimal text, as the drawings should read by themselves.
    • Please include graphic/written scales for each of the drawings.
    • Include entourage to enhance the final drawings. More specifics will be discussed prior to the exhibition of work.

Download Plate for P1:Overview.

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