Assignment 1

Topographic Physical Models


In this assignment, you will explore the link between 3D computer modeling in Rhinoceros and physical modeling using the laser cutter at DVC. You will be taught to use the laser cutter prior to completing this assignment. No prior experience is necessary. You will need at least two 12”x 24”sheets of material to make your model. The exact material is up to you, though it should be 1/8” thick and cannot be foamcore (it will melt in the laser cutter).

Part 1:

  1. Please complete Exercise 10.6 if you haven’t already completed it.

Part 2:

  1. Using the topography you created in Exercise 10.6, you will now need to create 3D preparations for building your physical model. There are two methods that I will outline in Physical Modeling Tutorial 6.1 and 6.2. Please select one of the two methods for building your topography and begin work in Rhino. The two methods are similar, though they yield very different results, so choose based on whichever you feel would represent the site and your future models well (You will use this site in Assignment 2).
  2. Your topographic model should be at 1/16” = 1’ scale and measure 8”x11”

Part 3:

  • Turn in your work on Wednesday, March 30th.

Download .pdf of Assignment 1

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