Assignment 3

Rhinoceros Modeling & Physical Modeling of a Skyscraper


For this assignment, you will use the skills learned in exercise 10.9 and 10.10 to design and build both a three dimensional computer model as well as a physical model of a skyscraper.

Part 1:

  1. Please design a twisting/bulging tower with a base and height that fits within a 200’x200’x1200’ building envelope.
  2. On a new layer, duplicate the exterior surface of your building. Please spend time working with basic rhino materials to create a nice representation of your building. Please establish a directional light (sun) for the scene and feel free to add context (the neighboring buildings).
  3. You will also need to create several representative renderings of your tower and arrange them on an 11×17 sheet in InDesign along with the unrolled surface created in Part 2 of this assignment. Please print this sheet and post your rendered images to the course website by Monday 5/2.

Part 2:

  1. Follow Rhino Tutorials 5.21 & 5.22 (and Exercise 10.9 & 10.10) to create an unrolled surface for your building.
  2. Prepare the surface and laser cutting by scaling (much like you did in Assignment 1). The scale of your physical model should be 1”=100’
  3. Please laser cut the parts for your tower and assemble them. The physical model is due on Monday 5/9. You are responsible for laser cutting your model parts there will be no in class time devoted to this process.

Download .pdf of Assignment 3

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