Assignment 4: Final Project

Rhinoceros Modeling & Presentation board of a mountain/coastal artist’s retreat


For this final assignment, you will use the skills learned in the course to design and build a 500 square foot artist’s retreat. The retreat can be in one of two locations. One possible location is in the mountains accessible by foot (2 hour hike) and the other is on the ocean and is also accessible by foot (1 hour hike). Your retreat can be in any architectural style you choose, though it should respond to the site conditions (sun, wind, views, etc.) Your design should include both interior and exterior spaces and must reflect the nature of the artist (you can pick one) for whom you are designing. You may locate your retreat on any portion of the site given. The retreat must have a sleeping space, cooking space, bathroom, meditation space & artist’s studio.

Part 1:

  1. Begin by selecting your site. Spend time doing research on site conditions then select the artist of your choice as a client. Focus on your design. This is a quick project, but I expect thorough design development and informed design decisions. Stay away from modeling a traditional space and focus on bending/breaking conventions. You will have a design mid-review on May 16th.

Part 2:

  1. Using the techniques discussed in class, build a 3D computer model of your design. You will not be asked to build a physical model for this project.
  2. Establish a directional light to mimic sun conditions and apply textures/bump/transparency as necessary. Remember you may wish to choose colors & model characteristics based on the final presentation board (see Part 3).

Part 3:

  1. Create an InDesign layout that showcases your design. Your final board can be no larger than 36×36 (9 sq feet) and should include a floor plan, a section and at least 3 perspectives. You may elect to do line drawn perspectives or rendered perspectives.
  2. Your grade will be based on your design as well as your presentation of the design including your 3D computer model and graphic layout.
  3. You will turn in your final presentation board(s) on Wednesday 5/25/11 at 10:30am. No late work will be accepted.

Download .pdf of Assignment 4: Final Project

S2011_Assignment4 (.zip file of site information)

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