Assignment 4

Charley Harper Illustration


This assignment will continue to familiarize you with the use of Adobe Illustrator to draw vector based line art.

For this assignment, you will study the works of Charley Harper (use Flickr or Google Image Search to find examples).You will use Illustrator with a combination of fills, colors, line weights and patterns to create a new, unique design that is based on one of the images you find by Charley Harper. Please note that you should not copy his image, rather your end design should be different than the example you have chosen and reflect your sense of personal creativity, but it must generally be in the style of the drawings by Charles Harper. Graphic design is important for this assignment. Think carefully about color choices, page layout, etc. as this will be reflected in your grade.

Part I: Choosing a Image Source

  • Begin by choosing one of the images that you like by Charles Harper.
  • Notice that many of the images use repeating geometric shapes and that once you have drawn part of the image you will be able to duplicate the shapes to finish the entire drawing.
  • Work on an 8 ½ x 11 letter sized sheet (Artboard) in Adobe Illustrator for your layout (you may crop your final output to a different aspect ratio (square for example)).

Part II: Selecting your colors

  • Using Illustrator Tutorial 3.2, create a color palette using Save your swatches to your flash drive and load them into Illustrator.

Part III: Drawing the Image

  • Using a variety of line weights, geometric shapes and colors, draw one of the images you have chosen. You will likely rely heavily on the pen tool (along with the white arrow (direct select) tool). Use the colors you have selected from to compliment your work.
  • Remember, you can also use the Object > Transform menu to reflect (mirror) your object.

Part III: Posting and Submittal – This assignment is due Tuesday 10/14/10 at the start of class.

  • When finished, make sure to save the .ai file so that you can go back and edit it later if you like. Use the File > Save For Web & Devices to save an image that you can post to the course website. Please also use File > Save As and select “Adobe PDF” to create a pdf file of your drawing.
  • After you have posted your image to the course website, you will need to print a version to hand in at the start of class on Tuesday 10/14/10.

Download .pdf of Assignment 4

Download .pdf of Charley Harper Examples

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