Assignment 7

Perspective & Entourage (2 point perspective)


This assignment will ask you to create a beautiful 2-point perspective of the historical building you modeled in Assignment 6. This perspective could be part of a final design presentation if you had been the one designing the building. You will use the techniques of collage and masking discussed in class to add texture and context to an architectural perspective drawing.

Part I: Architectural Rendering

  • Use an existing perspective drawing from Assignment 6 or create a new/better perspective from your 3D model. Export the image as a .png file. The image should be a line drawing. The perspective view should be at the eye level of a person standing on the ground (do not use an aerial perspective or a view that is not from a typical 5’ 6” eye level).

Part II: Setting up Layers

  • In a new Illustrator document measuring 11”x17” (Tabloid) in size, create the following layers:
    • Building
    • Foreground
    • Middleground
    • Background
    • Sky

Part III: Composing the image

  • Place the building on the building layer. Use Live Trace/Live Paint to create clipping masks for texture, etc.
  • Place the people cars and other entourage on the Foreground, Middleground and Background layers.
  • Make sure all of the eyes of the people line up in the composition to create a correct perspective and that the images are scaled appropriately as they come closer to the viewer.
  • Use live paint to create masks of pieces of the building (we will discuss this in detail Tuesday 11/30) to emphasize special textures, features, etc.
  • Take your time with this assignment. Remember, this image often “makes or breaks” a studio project. Images like this one will be critical to your success in future studios!

Part IV: Submitting Your Work

  • Turn in your work in printed format (remember 11 x 17) and post it as a .jpg and as a link to a .pdf on the class website by Tuesday 12/7.
  • Remember, you must comment on at least 3 of your classmates’ assignments.

Download .pdf of Assignment 7

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