Assignment 3

Diablo Valley College Architecture Lecture Series Poster


In this assignment, you will create an 11” x 17” poster for the DVC Architecture Lecture Series using Adobe InDesign.

Part I: Size & Layout

  • The poster must by 11” x 17” and must contain the names of each of the lecturers and the dates they will lecture.

Part II: Content

  • You may elect to use the lecture series from last spring (2011) or you may invent your own Fall 2011 lecture series.
  • Using any of your own photographs/drawings or creative commons licensed images from the internet (use “CC Search” & attribute images used), create a unique, exciting poster designed to invite participation in the lecture series. The poster should be both eye-catching and informative.
  • You may wish to print samples of the poster as you work to help your designs. Pay careful attention to color choices, photograph quality, text quality, etc. as you will be graded primarily on the “design” of the final poster.

Part IV: Submitting Your Work

  • Turn in your work in printed format on Thursday 9/29/11 at the beginning of class, work not turned in by 11:05 will be marked late. Your work should also be posted on your website as a .jpg and as a link to a .pdf file with your name and Assignment 3 in the title and tag field.­
  • There will not be a formal review for this assignment, but on Thursday 9/29/11, you will required to post at least 3 comments on other students’ work for assignment 3 on the course website.

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