Assignment 8


In your future career as an architecture student/architect, you will often need to showcase your work in a printed format. This assignment is designed for you to design and build a printed portfolio of your work. This assignment is your final project for the course and will be worth 30% of your overall grade. Assignment 8 begins today and will be due by 12:30 pm on December 17, 2012. Throughout the remainder of the semester, we will be revisiting this assignment giving you ample opportunity to make corrections/improvements to the final product.

Part 1 (Beginning 10/3/12)

  • Collect all of your work from this class and at least 3 pieces of work from your other classes/work experience.
  • Using InDesign, build a multiple page portfolio. Pay careful attention to themes running through your portfolio. Each assignment can have a separate page or there can be multiple images on a page. The portfolio must be at least 5 pages (10 pages back & front) long and can be longer. You must have some text in the portfolio as well. Pay careful attention to flow lines, margins, etc. You may wish to consult the Structure + Organization chapter of the Layout Workbook (pp. 52-71) to help you with this part.
  • Sign up for an Hour By Arrangement time-slot where you will present a printed (color) set of at least two pages. These pages should be exemplary of your layout intentions. (Number of columns, page orientation, flowlines, grid-modules, etc.)

Part 2 (Beginning 11/12/12)

  • You will need to work in Adobe Illustrator to design a front cover for your portfolio. The cover must be laser cut (or engraved) and will be made of a heavy paper (140lb cold-press watercolor, Card Stock, Bristol or other [you need to provide this]). You will schedule a time to cut this cover during Hours by Arrangement. Think carefully about the design and layout of the cover as it is the first item people will see when they pick up your portfolio. You may wish to cut a back cover as well. Remember, use a 0.01pt red line to cut and use a 0.01pt blue line to engrave.
  • Continue working on your design layouts. You should have many more complete pages by this point. Make sure that your structure and organization complement your work rather than detract from it. Take some time to do a mock-up with a different layout just to make sure your current layout is working the best.

Part 3 (Beginning 12/5/12)

  • Print and bind your portfolio. There are many options for this step and we will discuss them in class as the final approaches.
  • Revisit and finalize your layouts. Take time to correct mistakes in assignments and make sure that all of your very best work is going into the final portfolio.

Turning in your work:

  • By the end of the last day of class on Monday 12/17, please post a .pdf of your portfolio (including cover pages) to the course website. You must also turn in the physical copy to me by 12:30 pm on 12/17.  I will not accept any work beyond 12:30! If you would like your portfolio returned prior to the start of next semester, you may include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (with enough postage) for me to mail it back to you and I will do so after I have finished grading. If you do not include an envelope, you may pick up your portfolio next semester.

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