Exercise 1.1

Life of an Architect


This site is written by an architect who answers many questions a student would ask about architecture.  He talks about the career of an architect like what he does in his life, how he solves problems, and he gives tips on popular programs used.  He also has interviews with not just architects, but with artists also.  I think this site is good because he has a lot of questions answered that a student would have.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I actually was unaware of this site. My only issue is just the one designer. I know its just his website, but I believe that we should have more variety since is work is based in Texas alone.

  2. This is great, I find the most helpful advice and answers comes from one-on-one with those in the field/career. I feel it’s even more valuable if you can find those that are alumni of the school you are/want to go to and also find out about their educational experiences through their architecture programs as well

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