Exercise 1.1. – DeviantART

Most likely one of the most massive art community websites, DeviantART provides a great way for artists across all spectrum to upload , share, and comment on works. What I like about the site is there is a "resources" section where users will upload stock images, fonts, photoshop/SAI assests/brushes and usually if not 99% of the time it is royalty-free. There are even groups to better concentrate those with similar interests, like there's one for typography that I frequent for fonts, as well as several for architecture for those who upload their architectural designs and wish for critiques or advice. An awesome new feature is a free portfolio service where you can choose your domain name (to a certain extent), upload a resume, have different categories and just make it really easy and organized for potential employers online.

If you want you guys can add me, my DeviantART is here and my custom portfolio through DeviantART is here.

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