Exercise 117 – Sofya Butenko

Exercise 117 - Architectural Diagrams

Floor plan selected for this image is from a real life building - S. R. Crown Hall that was originally created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1956. It's currently located in Chicago, IL and being used as College of Architecture. It has floor area of 120 feet by 220 feet with 18 foot ceilings. It's an impressive building all in itself because of the way it was constructed and the way it looks.

By Sofya.Butenko

Currently attending DVC for “Certificate of Achievement in Civil Drafting, CAD” and highly looking forward to working in the field of my studies. I’m looking forward to being able to design, create, and build something new and amazing in the future.

Comments (4)

  1. I like your color coding of the different areas of the floor plan as well as the paths that you used to illustrate foot traffic.

  2. The calligraphic brush you chose for the movement arrows really help that line stand out from the lines that define the plan of the building.

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