Christie Clayton Exercise 2.2

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  1. Christie – NICE photos. Really nice. (I’m jealous – we went on the same walk.) Is there any way to get rid of the date stamp post-process?

  2. I like how the reflection makes the image appear much deeper than it really is. Try playing with the colors a bit more and see if you can get a stronger focal point.

  3. Wow the quality of the images are extremely nice. My favorite is the bees picture. Great photos, i feel like you shouldn’t even touch them! But thats what this class is for.

  4. Wow! What camera did you use for these, because they came out stunningly well! The color just pops out at you and the clarity is amazing. I would suggest that you crop out the bottom of the bookstore picture, since the people detract from the crispness of the glass front. Also, the one with the guy bending over seems to be a bit too muffled around the edges. Otherwise, these are absolutely phenomenal. 🙂

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