In terms of analyzing the composition of this picture, the horse and the elder (and the edge of the bar) fit into the rule of thirds, the objects that are focused are of high dynamics, contrasting from the darker background that is not; the colors (dominantly red and yellow, letting the blue-and-white person stands out more) exist harmoniously; the settings (exposure, white balance, etc.) are comfortable to look.

As for the content of this image, the point of view is confrontational (from a potential on-looker who corresponds to the sign "DO NOT FEED", which strengthens the sense of story-telling, plus the intriguing expressions and interaction between the two...open to interpret

(the pic underneath is actually a link)

Do Not Feed

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  1. The V-shaped formed by the man and the horse and U-shaped frame of the door helps to keep the eye moving around the image. The high contrast of the horse’s and man’s faces is emphasized by the increased shadow immediately surrounding them. There is also a heavy use of pattern that helps to frame the image, seen in the pattern of the brick, the planks on the door, and the rows of rafters.

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