Exercise 10.5

Refining building components and working with blocks (Part 2)


In this exercise, you will work to refine your building components (Exercise 10.2 & 10.3) and finally use the block tool to insert multiple instances of them into a single model.

Part 1:

  • Finish Exercise 10.4 from Monday and post to the course website.

Part 2:

  1. Confirm you glass panel system looks like the image shown on the below. Make any adjustments necessary (refer to Exercise 10.3 for further details). Save this file (.3dm) using the naming conventions discussed in Lecture 4.
  2. Open your model from Exercise 10.4 and use the Edit>Blocks>Insert Block Instance… command to insert the glass wall system from Exercise 10.4
  3. Now, select the glass wall system and use the array command (Rhino Tutorial 5.15) to create a continuous glass wall at least 10 units long and 5 units high.
  4. After saving your file, return to the base glass system element and adjust the transparency of the glass surfaces to 90% (Rhino Tutorial 5.16). You may also wish to adjust the color of the glass & steel as well.
  5. Save your file and re-open your 10.4 model. Use the Edit>Blocks>Block Manager to update all of the blocks.
  6. Next, create a directional light (Rhino Tutorial 5.17) to highlight your glass wall and bridge. (Note: We will cover lighting & materials in far greater depth toward the end of the semester when we cover rendering.)
  7. With any remaining time, edit the individual materials in your other blocks.
  8. Render your final image, save it as a .jpg and post it to the course website. Remember to also save your .3dm file.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.5

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