Exercise 10.6

Working with Topography


In this exercise, you will work with topography to build a site for a future design project.

Part 1:

  1. Download the sample Topography.dwg AutoCAD file from the course website.
  2. Decompress the .zip file if necessary and save it to your flash drive.

Part 2:

  1. In a new Rhinoceros model, choose File>Import and browse to find Topography.dwg on your flash drive. Note: You will likely need to change the “Files of Type” to AutoCAD .dwg in at the bottom of the import dialog box.
  2. Once you have imported the AutoCAD file, use the Move (Vertical) command to raise each topography line in intervals of 2’. The topography lines should remain on layer “0” though you can rename the layer to “Contour Lines” for clarity (Just double click on the name).
  3. Now, select all lines and use the loft command to generate a NURBS surface. This surface has a default density.
  4. Next, copy the surface and place the new surface on a new layer. (Use the Copy (InPlace) command followed by right clicking on a new layer and selecting “Change Object Layer.”) Hide your original surface (layer) and your “Contour Lines” layer.
  5. Rebuild your new surface using the “Rebuild” command (Rhino Tutorial 5.19) to have a “U” and “V” value equal to 100.
  6. Establish a basic directional light (Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.17) and render your work. Post this rendering to the course website by the end of class today.
  7. This is now your primary topographic surface for your computer modeling. Please begin on Assignment 1, Topographic Physical Models generated from Rhinoceros.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.6

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