Exercise 10.7

Bringing Topography into Rhinoceros from SketchUp


In this exercise, you will learn to get topography from Google SketchUp and bring it into Rhinoceros. You will also learn to create a NURBS surface using a Curve Network from a Polygon (triangulated) Mesh.

Part 1:

  1. Follow SketchUp Tutorial 4.1a for SketchUp 8 or SketchUp Tutorial 4.1bfor SketchUp 7 to retrieve a topographic surface.
    • Please pick steep terrain (Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Berkeley Hills, etc.) for this exercise.
  2. With a saved SketchUp Version 7 .skp file, Follow Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.23 and 5.24 to create a NURBS surface using a Curve Network from the polygon mesh imported from SketchUp.
  3. With any remaining time, please design and build a meditation pavilion/place of reflection based on the Rhinoceros tools you have already learned in this course. You are free to design what you like, but the design must take advantage of the topography modeled in the first part of the exercise.
  4. Perform two renders/prints to capture the essence of your design and post them to the course website by the end of class today. You will need to comment on at least 3 of your fellow classmate’s work for this exercise!

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.7

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