Exercise 10.9

Working with (multiple) lofted surfaces


In this exercise, work to build the outside skin of a skyscraper. If you are in the “Skyscraper Studio,” you may work with your current building. If you are not in the “Skyscraper Studio,” please use a building base of 200’x100’ with a height of 600’ (50 stories at 12’ each). Please have at least one side of the building twist or bulge. Please tap your creativity for this assignment.

Part 1:

  1. Please begin by creating the base of your building and the top of your building. You can start with a base rectangle for the bottom and top and use the loft command to create the initial skin.
  2. Use the cage edit command or the edit control points (pointson) to modify the overall shape of the building. Examples will be shown in class.
  3. You will now have a complex surface. Please continue to work on the shape of your building. You may wish to rebuild the curves/surfaces or add additional cage edit points to achieve a unique, interesting design.

Part 2:

  1. Create a rectangular surface larger than the shape of your building. Use the array command to create each floor of the building (50 floors).
  2. Now, use the Curve>Curve From Object>Intersection to create a series of curves that represent each floor plate of the final building. Make sure to move these objects to a new layer before de-selecting them!
  3. Turn off all layers except for the layer created in step 5. Use the loft command (again) to create a loft with “straight sections.” We will use this model for Exercise 10.10 on Wednesday.

Part 3:

  • Please establish some basic materials for each surface and apply a simple directional light. Render your output and post it to the course website by the end of class today.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.9

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