Exercise 1.3

Creating a Personal Landing Page


In this age of internet savvy consumers, it is critical you actively create and manage your online identity to control your public image. For this exercise, you will be creating your own personal landing page. You will not need to make a financial investment as the service we are going to use is free.

Part 1:

  1. Think carefully about your online identity. Do you like your current handle/username? Can you think of one that is more professional/unique/descriptive, etc. that you would rather use?
  2. Use one of the websites discussed in lecture to determine the availability of your username across various sites.

Part 2:

  1. Follow “Digital Life Tutorial 0.12” to create your own flavors.me personal landing page. You do not need to pay for any premium services for this exercise. Please take time with your design. We will occasionally revisit this page in future exercises to update it with new techniques that will be discussed in lecture.
  2. Make sure to include content you post on the course website as one of your services.

Part 3:

  1. Please post a link to your personal landing page on the course website. This post must include your full name (“Grant Adams”) and your flavors.me page (http://www.flavors.me/grantadams).
    • You can make a link by clicking on the chain links in the wordpress editor.
    • You must post this to the course website by 1:50pm today.
    • Bring digital camera to class on Thursday, you will need it for exercise 2.1!

Download .pdf of Exercise 1.3

Download .pdf of Digital Life Tutorial 0.12

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