Exercise 5.2

Working with the laser cutter: Creating a screen (part 1)


For Assignment 5, you are asked to make a laser cut screen. You may choose to make a 1D, 2D or 3D screen. For this exercise, you will begin to create your new screen. You may use the examples shown in lecture as a starting point.

Part I: The Design

  • Begin with a new 8.5” x 11” Print Document. Make sure the Color Mode is “RGB” (available in the “Advanced” section of the New Document dialog box).
  • Start with designing only a small section of screen. You will probably want to create a layer for cut lines as another layer for engraved lines.
  • Determine which direction the folding/compression will occur and begin to draw parallel cut lines in that direction.
  • You will probably wish to use the background grid for this exercise. To turn it on, navigate to View>Show Grid. To snap to the grid navigate to View>Snap to Grid.
  • To adjust the size/spacing of the grid, navigate to Edit>Preferences>Guides & Grids… (Illustrator>Preferences>Guides & Grids… on the Mac)
  • Now draw engrave lines (make sure to switch layers).
  • Change all cut lines to 0.1 pt pure red lines (255,0,0) and all engrave lines to 0.1 pt pure blue (0,0,255)

Part II: Submitting your work

  • At the end of lab today, export your work as a .jpg or .png and post it to the course website. You do not need to comment on work for this exercise.
  • Continue to work on your screen over the weekend. Students wishing to test cut their screens on Tuesday will be able to sign up for a time slot during class or HBA.

Download .pdf of Exercise 5.2

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