Exercise 6.1

Introduction to 3D Modeling: Model of a bus stop shelter


For the next several weeks, we will work with 3D computer modeling. For this portion of the class, we will use a program called SketchUp, which is free from Google. You can download it from Google: http://sketchup.google.com/ (and I would also recommend downloading Google Earth). SketchUp has been installed on the computers in the lab, but if you would like to bring in your laptop, that is fine with me as well.

Exercise 6.1: Model of a bus stop shelter

  • Exercise 6.1 is a quick, get your hands dirty exercise. I want you to dive right in and make something! Don’t worry too much about scale. You can model an existing bus stop, or you can design a new one. The bus stop should (at minimum) have a bench, wall and roof.
  • Creativity is encouraged with this assignment.
  • If you find you are having difficulty using SketchUp, you can view a series of tutorials on the sketchup site: http://sketchup.google.com/training/videos/new_to_gsu.html
  • Please use File>Export>2D Graphic to create a .jpg or .png file of your model and post it to the course website before the end of class. You will need to begin commenting on work again.

Assignment 5: Cutting your Screen

You will need to sign up for a time-slot to cut your final screen. Though we will not finish everyone’s screen, we will begin cutting today. After your screen has been cut, you will need to fold the screen (remember to use a piece of basswood to help folding). Your screen is due the next class period after your screen is cut.

Download .pdf of Exercise 6.1

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