Exercise 6.3

Modeling an Office Space


For this assignment, you will be using SketchUp to model an interior.  Interior modeling is an important way to convey your architectural design decisions and to show or explain the “feeling” of being within the space you have designed.  For this assignment, you will not be designing a new space. Instead, you will choose and model an existing space that you are familiar with.

Part I:

Please select an office space you have worked in or are familiar with.  Model the space including walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, computers and lighting.  You should also, when necessary, apply textures/colors to your model.  You may use components for this assignment, but if a component is not exactly correct for a space, I encourage you to model your own.

Part II:

Before the end of class, choose Export>2D Graphic to create a .png or .jpg image of your model.  Make sure to choose a view that is representative of your office space! Post your file to the course website.

Part III:

Before the end of class today, do some research and select a building for Assignment 6. Remember, it should be 20th century or earlier. Also, you may find that avoiding buildings with lots of curves will help your ability to model it accurately in SketchUp. Please make a new post that indicates your chosen building and includes at least one image of the building that you have found on the internet. You may include more if you like.

Download .pdf of Exercise 6.3

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