Exercise 6.4

Terrain and Section Cuts


For this assignment, you will be using SketchUp to model topography and take a section cut.

Part I:

  • Today you will be designing a meditation pavilion / place of reflection in an area of steep terrain of your choosing. The design of the pavilion is open-ended and can be as creative as you wish. You will first, however, need to select a site withe steep terrain. An example site is located in the Berkeley Hills (37°52’19.80”N , 122°13’14.08”W). You could also choose a site near Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Bear Valley, etc. You may with to use Google Earth to help you select, if you do, take note of the latitude and longitude by placing a pin.
  • After you have selected your site, follow Sketchup Tutorial 4.1 to import terrain into Sketchup.
  • Once you have your terrain, toggle terrain off and design/build your pavilion. You may wish to reset your axes using the “Axes” tool located in the large toolset (View>Tool Palettes>Large Tool Set

Part II:

  • Now, Toggle Terrain on and integrate your design with the landscape. You may need to use the Smoove or Stamp tools (View>Tool Palettes>Sandbox) to adjust the terrain around your new design.

Part III:

  • Use the section tool to create section cuts through your model showcasing the design and the integration of the design with the surrounding landscape. If you are working on your own laptop, you may follow the instructions for using the ruby script to fill in section cuts. (This script will not work on the school machines.) Make sure to put the section cuts on separate layers so they can be easily turned on and off.

Part IV: Turning in your work:

  • Please use Export>2D Grapic to create at least 3 images of your pavilion, two of which should be section cuts. Post these images to the course website by the end of class today.

Download .pdf of Exercise 6.4

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