Exercise 7.1

Building Collage Elements


When designing an architectural perspective, the showcase piece of a studio presentation, you need to be able to add depth and perspective and hopefully achieve a sense of place within your drawing. You will need to be able to add people, landscape elements, and objects quickly and easily to your perspective. You should also be able to bring in textures and colors to represent materials in the model. In this exercise, you will begin by creating 10 collage elements that you can use for future architectural perspectives.

Part I: Isolating Images

  • In Exercise 2.1, I asked you to photograph at least 5 people. Locate these images, as you will need them for this exercise.
  • In Photoshop, (yes, we’re back in Photoshop today) isolate the people using any of the techniques we have discussed in class (often using paths to create a mask is the best method here (Photoshop Tutorial 1.16). Make sure the final object is on its own layer.
  • With the object selected, use the paint bucket tool to fill the object with a uniform 75% grey. This will eliminate distractions and abstract the figures when you insert this image into your final perspectives.
  • Making sure all other layers are off, save your object as a .png file with a transparent background.
  • Repeat the steps outlined above for each figure. You must also isolate 5 additional (non-human) objects for your final collage. These may include trees, benches, fountains, cars, etc.

Part II: Posting Your Images

  • Post all of your objects (with transparent backgrounds) to http://www.digitaltoolsforarchitects.com/gallery/. You will notice that prior students’ work is still on the website. After you have submitted your ten images, you are free to use any image found on this website. Make sure to use the tag field thoroughly so that others can easily find your objects using the search field. Please also include your full name in the tag field to identify your own work. You will not be posting your objects to the course website, you will only post to the gallery page!
  • Your work will live on for future students, so please take your time and do a great job.
  • If you finish early, take some time to look through the gallery website and help classify other objects by adding tags in the tag field. Your help will make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for…

Download .pdf of Exercise 7.1

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