Exercise 7.2

Depth and Scale


When designing an architectural perspective, the showcase piece of a studio presentation, you need to be able to add depth and perspective and hopefully achieve a sense of place within your drawing. You will need to be able to add people, landscape elements, and objects quickly and easily to your perspective. You should also be able to bring in textures and colors to represent materials in the model. In this exercise, you will work to create a one or two point perspective collage using the elements you made last class and textures you photographed in Exercise 2.1 or from the collage textures section of the course website. You will be using the live trace tool and the clipping mask tool for this exercise.

Part I: Setting up Layers

  • In a new Illustrator document measuring 8 ½” x 11” in size, create the following layers:
    • Foreground
    • Middleground
    • Background
  • Place the .png files in the document and use the “live trace” command to make vector (path-based) object(s) out of your .png image. Make sure to use the tracing options dialog box and check the box for “ignore white.” (Illustrator Tutorial 3.12).
  • Now, using the techniques we discussed in class, create masks to collage in texture within the shape of a given object. (Illustrator Tutorial 3.13) Make sure to have each object & texture grouped and on different layers. Note: you will use the .png files in a later assignment, so make sure not to delete them from your flash drive!

Part II: Composing the image

  • Place the silhouettes of the images of the trees or people in a collage composition that conveys a sense of depth. Use the free transform command to scale the images proportionately while holding the shift key.
  • Add a series of horizontal lines to create a visual composition that is interesting and has a three dimensional quality to the composition which draws your eye back into the distance.

Part III: Submitting Your Work

  • Post your final collage to the course website (in .jpg format) by the end of class today.

Download .pdf of Exercise 7.2

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