Exercise 2.3

Photoshop Editing of Images


Previously, we worked with basic tools like Picasa, Photoshop Express, and Picnik.com. Today, we begin with more advanced tools in Photoshop. There are several tutorials posted online that will help you through each part of today’s exercise.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

  • Save your work as a .psd if you have not already done so.
  • Now, turn off all adjustment layers so that you see your original image. Following Photoshop Tutorial 1.6, save a web version of your original photo.
  • Repeat once for each adjustment layer. Make sure you give each photo an explanatory name (20100902_photo_original_web.jpg, 20100902_photo_bw_web.jpg, 2010_photo_levels_web.jpg, etc.)
  • You should have five (or six) images when you are complete including the original image. Following the steps outlined in Exercise 2.2, you will upload your images to a NEW gallery (On our course website) or Picasa web album (you will have to use the web interface for this: http://picasaweb.google.com). Name this new Gallery with your full name followed by the number 2, for example: “Grant Adams 2” would be the name of my gallery.
  • Upload the images you created today.
  • Write a new post and use the NextGEN Gallery button (the last one in the top row of editing buttons) or insert a link to your Picasa web album. Make sure your images show up (click on the view site button after you have posted). If you need help, follow the back of Exercise 2.2 for posting a new gallery.

Part 3:

  • You will notice that Assignment 1 has been posted under Assignments on the course website. Please read over the assignment and begin working on it with the remaining class time. You will have additional time to work on it next Tuesday. Assignment 1 is due on Thursday 9/8 (Before the start of class)!

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