Exercise 2.6

What’s In Your Bag?


This exercise asks you to make an image in Photoshop using layers, transparency and/or filters to create an interesting layout. The topic is to showcase your own bag, backpack, purse or other box or storage bag you have and the contents that are in it – or could be in it.

Part 1

  • Pick your favorite bag and your “gear” that you carry around with you on a normal or on an ideal day. Think of what you carry around: there might be a book that you are currently reading, your calendar, maybe your lunch, a letter from a friend that you intend to read during physics class, etc. Think of how you would like to show your bag and how to organize the objects in relation to themselves and the bag.

Part 2

  • Put the objects on a white surface and take pictures. Flat objects can also be scanned. You might have to go through this several times in order to find the ideal camera settings and lighting situation.
  • Adjust your images as necessary, using the techniques we have discussed in class.

Part 3

  • Copy and paste the images into a new 8×10 Photoshop document. The images will all be on different layers.
  • Extract your objects using one of the many methods we discussed in class (Photoshop 1.13-1.16). You may want to turn on and off layers to show/hide the object you are working with. The objects should have a transparent background when you are done.
  • Arrange them as necessary using the move and Edit >Transform tools. This is the most exciting part of the exercise — the part where you actually create your collage. Use masking/transparency to create an X-Ray view.

Part 4

  • Save your Photoshop file (.psd) — this is your working file and will save all of your layer information etc… You will be able to re-open this file and edit it. You can also use “save as” to create an exact duplicate of this file giving it a different name. Do this if you want to save your file as it is, but want to continue editing a copy. When you have finished, use the “save as” command to save the file as a high resolution jpg. You can then use the “save for web and devices” command to save a web ready version. (Remember: the size limit for uploading to the course website is 2mb, so make sure your final .jpg is smaller than the limit!)
  • As this exercise is complex, it will not be due until the start of class on Thursday. You will need to print a version to hand in at the end of class today, showing your progress (it can be black and white).
  • Post your resulting image to the web. You will not be creating a gallery for this image. Instead, just click on “Add media: Add an Image” when you write your post. Be sure to include your full name followed by “Exercise 2.6” in the title as well as in the tag.

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