Exercise 2.5

Creating a High Dynamic Range Image & Using Adjustment Layers/Masks


In lecture today, we discussed high dynamic range (HDR) photography and tonal mapping software. In this exercise, you will use Photoshop to combine a bracketed set of images to make one High Dynamic Range Image. You will then process the resulting image using Adjustment Layers and or selective masking.

Part 1:

  • Using either the bracketed images you shot in the Hours by Arrangement (this is preferred) or the collection of images I posted to the course website, follow Photoshop Tutorial 1.8 to merge your images to a single HDR image.
  • Create an adjustment layer using: Layer>New Adjustment Layer> (Select the type of adjustment you wish to apply). (Photoshop Tutorials 1.1-1.5) You may wish to try/apply any or all of the following:
    • Levels: To adjust black point and white point while redistributing colors across histogram (Photoshop Tutorial 1.2).
    • Curves: Selectively lighten or darken the image (Photoshop Tutorial 1.3).
    • Channel Mixer: Add some pop to the image (Photoshop Tutorial 1.4) or make the image monochrome (Photoshop Tutorial 1.1).
    • Selective Color: Work with specific color ranges to correct color casting, darken or lighten colors.
    • Hue/Saturation: Change saturation of a given color range or change the lightness of a specific color range (sky for example)
  • Use simple masks to define where a particular adjustment occurs. (Photoshop Tutorial 1.10)
  • Make sure to save your .psd Photoshop file for later editing!
  • Save the file (Photoshop Tutorial 1.6) by first adjusting the image size to have a width of 1000 px, then use the File>Save For Web & Devices…

Part 2:

  • Post your resulting image to the web. You will not be creating a gallery for this image. Instead, just click on “Add media: Add an Image” when you write your post. Be sure to include your full name followed by “Exercise 2.5” in the title. Please also specify Exercise 2.5 in the category field.

Part 3:

  • Please bring your digital camera and cord/card-reader to class on Tuesday! You will need them for the lab exercise!

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