Exercise 3.3

DVC Architecture Program Post Card


Using the techniques discussed in lecture, create a 4”x6” informational postcard about the DVC Architecture Program. The content of the card can be taken from the DVC Architecture website (wwwa.dvcarchitecture.com) and is open-ended (no specific requirements for content).

Part I: Size & Layout

  • Begin with a 4”x6” sized sheet of paper in Adobe InDesign (you will need to create a custom size and may have to change the units first, then create a new document). Make sure the box for facing pages is unchecked.
  • Begin your design layout. Follow InDesign Tutorials 2.8-2.11 to carefully arrange a hierarchical set of information. Don’t forget to use the align window, your rulers & your guides.
  • Consider text and typography. Follow InDesign Tutorials 2.2-2.7 to carefully consider the type on your page.
  • Don’t be afraid to try multiple versions, you can always duplicate your work on a new page by right clicking on the current page in the pages window and selecting “Duplicate Spread” from the context menu that appears.

Part 2: Export your work

  • Save your work as a .indd file, remember to also save your referenced text on your flash drive in the same folder.
  • Export your work to a .jpg file and post it to the class website by the end of class today.

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