Exercise 4.1

"Basic Illustrator: Creating a Logo"


This assignment asks you to create a set of logos and letterheads for your current or future office stationary.

The design should be composed of a series of geometric shapes that include text indicating the design abilities and services you offer, for example, architecture, graphic design, 3D modeling, illustration, product design, interior design or landscape design.  These words should indicate who you are and what service(s) you provide. In addition a set of geometric symbols, shapes or forms must be arranged to create a readable graphic pattern that is part of your composition.  This logo must then be transformed through two series of transformations to create different but graphically related designs. The three designs will be submitted as a jpg to the class website and should show the original set of shapes and text, the transformed set of shapes and text, and the final transformation of shapes and text.

Part I: Creating Shapes

  • On a new 2” x 2” Artboard, begin with a new layer called “Shapes”
  • Create a series of geometric shapes in Illustrator using one of the shapes tools or with the pen tool.
  • Experiment with the Pathfinder tool palate to add, subtract and create combinations of shapes using Boolean operations.
  • Go to www.colorjack.com to select a color palette. Export the palette from Colorjack and save it to your flash drive. Now load the palette in Illustrator and use the fill and line color selections to adjust the color and line quality of the shapes.
  • Arrange these shapes into a pattern on the screen using principles of composition. Experiment with linear compositions, grids, or radial and circular arrangements.

Part II: Text

  • In a new layer create text with your name and the abilities and talents in the design field that you would like to showcase. (This could be just “architecture” or could include more than one field.) Use a hierarchy of text sizes, fonts or styles to create an interesting visual identity. Arrange these words and letters into an interesting composition on the screen that relate to the geometric patterns you have created.

Part III: Transformation

  • Save your work as a “.ai” (Illustrator) file. Now use the File > Save As... command to save a second version of your work. Modify and transform the graphic patterns and text into a “second generation” design, featuring new arrangements and shape and patterns that are derivative from the original and show a process of transformation, mutation, evolution, movement or adaptation to a new variety of forms, fonts and styles.

Part IV: Transformation II

  • Save your work as a “.ai” (Illustrator) file. Now use the File > Save As... command to save a second version of your work. Transform the graphic design again in a new direction. Use the same forms again to derive new variations in the graphic design using shapes and fonts that you think are interesting.

Part IV: Submitting Your Work

  • For each version, use File > Save For Web & Devices... to save the logo as a .jpg file. Now post your logos to the course website.
  • Remember, you will need to comment on 3 other posts (of Exercise 4.1) by next Tuesday.

Download .pdf of Exercise 4.1

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