Exercise 4.2 (Two Day)

“Making your own font”


In this exercise you will be designing your own font. Refer to course textbook for design ideas & typography information (pp. 88-115). This is a two day exercise designed to improve your abilities with the pen tool and the direct select arrow.

Part 1: (Wednesday 10/10/12) Drawing your font

  • Using the font design template I have posted to the course website. Design your own font using any of the tools we have discussed in class. You may use brushes for this exercise, though we will not cover them in depth until later in the semester. You will likely concentrate on using the pen tool. Remember (Tutorial 3.4) to trim unwanted line segments. Today, you should focus on completing the uppercase letters. Make sure to use the guides (create additional guides as necessary).
  • Look at the Layer Palette (Window>Layers) and make sure your font is on the “Font” Layer. Additional guides should go on the “Extra Guides (Non Printing)” Layer. Anything placed on a non printing layer will not print.
  • At the end of class today (10/10), please print your progress and hand it in to me.

Part 2: (Monday 10/15/12) Making your font

  • Continue drawing your font. You should have the complete first page done by the end of lab today.
  • When you have completed your font, use the File>Export command to export your drawing as a .png file. Save this to your flash drive.
  • Next, navigate to http://www.myscriptfont.com and under Step 2, click on the Choose File link to upload your saved .png file.
  • Give your font a memorable & descriptive name. Select TTF as the format and click “Send File.”
  • Your result will appear in the blue box at the top. Click on the name of your font to download it to your flash drive.
  • Now, follow HBAw6,  Digital Life Tutorial 0.15 [AMP Font Viewer] to install your font on the school computer.

Part 3: Submitting to the course website:

  • Using the sample_font.indd template, showcase your new font using the following text:

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

This is a sample sentence. It shows your font in an actual sentence format.


  • Use File>Export to export to a .jpg (this is unusual from InDesign, but I want to see the font preview not a .pdf).
  • Save your file and upload it to the course website. Please also upload your .ttf font file to the course website.
  • You do not need to comment on this exercise!

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