HBA w6


In this HBA, you will collect new display fonts to store on your flash drive to use later.  You will post your findings to the course website after the HBA.

Part 1:

Part 2:

  • Follow Digital Life Tutorial 0.15 to download and install AMP Font Viewer Portable on your Flash Drive.  Install at least two fonts on your computer.
  • Download Sample Font .indd File (right click and Save Target As…).  Save this file to your flash drive.
  • Open this sample file in InDesign and select all text.  With the text selected, change the font to be one of the new fonts you downloaded.
  • Use File>Export to save a .jpg of your chosen font.  (Do this for each of the fonts you have downloaded (at least 2)).

Part 3:

  • Upload the image of each font to the course website and paste a link to download the font below the image.  Make sure to include “HBA w6” in the title to your post.

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