Tiling textures in Photoshop 


Often you will need to create an image that can be tiled in both directions. This tiling image is a small piece of a larger texture that when combined with itself can create a much larger texture. In this HBA, you will create 2 tiling textures from photographs you take or from creative commons licensed images.

Part I:

  • Download your own photos of texture or select Creative Commons Licensed images (http://search.creativecommons.org/). You will need to pick two textures. You will work on them for both HBA sessions this week.
  • Follow Photoshop Tutorial 1.22 to create a tileable texture for each image selected above.
  • Make sure to use the skills discussed already and apply adjustment layers to make the image outstanding!

 Part 2:

  • Post your image to the course website. Place tags that describe the texture in the “Tiling Textures” box on the right. These should be descriptive so that people can find and use these textures at a later time.
  • Please also categorize your post as “Digital Tools For Architects 1,” “HBA,” and “HBAw5”

Download .pdf of HBAw5

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