Lecture 2: A Sense of Site

Architecture 220 – Fall 2012 Semester

Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California


“A Sense of Site”

Introduction to site specific design.  Examples include topography, climate, microclimate, sun, views, privacy, etc.

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Lecture Notes for Lecture 2: A Sense of Site

A Sense of Site

Site properties and how they influence building design

What is a site?

Defining Characteristics

  • Topography
  • Climate
  • Microclimate
  • Sun
  • Views
  • Privacy
  • Other factors


  • Relative steepness or flatness of the site
  • Can determine local microclimate based on location on slope
  • Influences wind conditions on building
  • Influences how a building can be built & spatial orientation of resulting building

Hill House – Johnston Marklee & Associates

Buck Mountain House – Indigo Architecture + Interiors

House to Catch the Mountain – Takaharu & Yui Tezuka


  • Major factor in determining primary building material and method.
  • Heat or Cool? How?
  • Temperature Swings
    • Diurnal
    • Seasonal
  • Rain & Snow… managing water & runoff, snow load

Takaharu & Yui Tezuka – Museum of Natural Science, Matsunoyama, Japan

Williams Studio & Boathouse – GH3


  • Building or landscape creates a zone of different climate for inhabitants
  • Can be a warmer or cooler space depending on needs
  • Can be a shelter from wind and/or from sun.

Umbrella House – Paul Rudolph

Wallen Maybeck House – Bernard Maybeck

Forrest House – Takaharu & Yui Tezuka


  • Site conditions determine how much sun a building can get
  • Natural and built environment can limit sun through shading
  • Latitude can limit sun exposure
  • Site topography can greatly influence sun within the building

Azuma House – Tadao Ando

Avra Verde – Rick Joy


  • Probably the most self explanatory part of site analysis
  • Where are the primary view corridors?
  • Should anything be hidden?
  • Expansive view or framed view? Overload or controlled?

4 x 4 House – Tadao Ando

Lookout Cabin – Baumraum (Andreas Wenning)

Tower Home – Marlon Blackwell

Four Eyes House – Edward Ogosta Architecture


  • What is the need for privacy?
  • How does the site impact design for privacy?
  • Urban or Rural?
  • What are expectations of privacy?

K House – Hitoshi Abe

Stone House – Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron

House in Zushi – Takeshi Hosaka

Restaurant Tusen – Murman Arkitektr

Squish Studio -Saunders Architecture

House of Ujina – MAKER – Japan


  • Topography, Climate, Microclimate, Sun, Views, Privacy, and more play a role in how a building is positioned on a given site.
  • It is never just one of the above, siting a building requires analyzing all and finding the right balance.

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