Lecture 20: Laser Cut Screens

Lecture 20: Laser Cut Screens (part 1) from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

Introduction to the creation of origamic screens using the laser cutter. Lecture includes numerous prior examples shown and a dissection of how they were made.

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Lecture notes for Lecture 20: Laser Cut Screens

1D Screens

1D Screen?

  • A pattern cut across sheet with no folds
  • Object can become three dimensional with a few folds, but primary texture comes from simple cutouts

2D Screens

2D Screen?

  • Cuts are designed to facilitate “compression” in one direction
  • Results in an “in and out” folding pattern
  • Piece has more depth, transparency comes between folded elements

3D Screens

3D Screen?

  • Often contains many elements of a 2D screen, but folds in both directions
  • “compression” in two directions
  • Very difficult to achieve without many, many test cuts

Tips for starting a screen…

  • Drawing must be RGB
  • All lines 0.1 pt
  • Cut lines in pure red (255,0,0)
  • Engrave lines in pure blue (0,0,255)
  • start with small repetition of rectangles
  • use copy, group, align to create the repeating pattern

More examples…

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