Miguel Ramos Exercise 2.2

Miguel’s photos

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  1. i agree with Cynthia. The sepia pictures are phenomenal. Mt. Diablo isn’t something easy to make look good, but you did it. I also really like the picture of the screw; the rust is perfectly accentuated.

  2. All pictures are great. You definitely have natural talent for photography. Justin is right, the screw picture is really exceptional.

  3. Nice photos, I like them all. However, regarding the one with the screw on the wood, it would be more power full if you bring out the rust on the screw. It will also create more contrast between the screw and the wood.

  4. These are absolutely phenomenal, especially the one with the boat. The way you bring out the grain in the pictures really adds a nice touch of character to the pictures. I think the one with the rotting wood and rust really is the best shot of the group, but I do think that you should have highlighted the rust even more to give the picture the punch it deserves. 🙂

  5. The boat picture is my favorite, probably out of everyone’s. I like the rest and the texture on the other photo, but it looks like the top of the metal part is blurry–which distracts from the pic. Although it adds a nice texture and color, maybe try cropping it out and seeing if the other materials maintain that textural interest by being crisper.

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