Sam Albert – Assignment 1

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My best picture ended up being one I took over the weekend with my friend, and I thought I might be able to bring out the colors we tried to capture with the camera, through photoshop.

I first started by creating a new layer to do some retouching on, then used the clone stamp tool to edit out any facial blemishes.

Next, I created a histogram to mainly bring out the white in the picture and emphasize the darker areas.

Then, I set up a curves layer to bring the washed out areas into focus and make the hair and skin a bit warmer and darker.

After that came the channel mixer to make the colors pop. I used this mainly to really bring attention to the paint on her face and have the tan a bit more golden.

Next, I made another curves layer, and using the smart lasso tool, i outlined the teeth and brightened the area to make them seem whiter.

Finally, I used one last layer to use the dodge and burn tool on to whiten the whites of the eyes and the rest of the teeth.

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