Skye Storm ~ Ex.2.2

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i wasnt able to download my pictures from last week and over the weekend so im putting other pictures up. some are quite old, some are newer.  i just had fun in the editing. 🙂

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  1. You’re photos are really interesting. They have this creepy feel to them because of the color and the blurriness but I really like that. On the heny2 maybe you could crop out the date so it doesnt distract the viewer and also contrast it a little more. And OMG! The colors in followme2 are awesome! 😀

  2. cool fact about the fire photo. the colors were not added. i took the picture and that is how it showed up. i just made them clearer in editing.

  3. All of your pictures are really interesting. I agree that they all have a sort of haunted/horror movie film type feel (except for the cat). I was immediately drawn to all the colors, they work very well and stand out a lot.

  4. I agree with all of the above comments. You really have a knack for pulling out some really bizarre colors just enough to not distort the image, but give it a big dose of character and feeling. I like them so much that I would even say that the ones of your cat and the last one feel just boring because they’re so normal 😛

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