Vicky Arias Assignment 1

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My best photo is of  the BFL building on the DVC campus. I chose it because it had really nice angles and the building itself looked very dynamic with the staircase on the left.

I used photoshop  and I began by using curves to contrast the photo and make parts of it darker since the original was looking really grey. Then I used levels to contrast the shadows in the building a little more. After that I over exposed the photo just a bit because the sky was washed out. My favorite of all the changes I made was the use dodge and burn. I burned the sky to really make the blue come out and also it ended up making the building look kind of like its glowing. I dodged the concrete to make it look brighter and cleaner, and also the bottom of the roof so you can see more clearly the lines in the material. And finallyyyyy I cropped the sides because it felt like they were extraneous and didn’t make the photo better. 😀

I felt that by dodging and burning I balanced the colors, so that the top where the sharp angle is, its heavier in color. And the bottom seems to not be so heavy in color since its lighter and doesn’t compete with the darker building just above it.

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